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How to Hack Agar.io: Using Online Hack Generator

What if Agar.io game can be hack easily within couple of seconds? Woooh! Yes you can. Well not only that, you can cheat agar.io game engine and hack it easily with our free tools. Our agar.io hack is for all platforms of Agar.io game like Android, iOS and Desktop are supported in order to hack gaming console or app with ease cheats developed by BestAgarioHack.com.

In order to hack game you do not need any download or password even! Yes, guys that’s easy is to hack and use agar.io cheats with just one click by using our agario online hack bot.

That’s all you need to do? Why wait out read more below. TRY NOW! It’s FREE. Get free agario hack.

ACCESS Agar.io Hack Bot Generator:


UPDATE: We have released NEW & Better GUI version of HACK

About Agar.io Game Hack Bot & Cheats Development

We want to let our hack build for all platform of Agar.io Game. It must work on Android, iOS as well as Desktop version of the game itself. So we decided to build it server side, no hassle. No download, no root or no jailbreak needed ever. Just browse to our agar.io online hack generator bot and use it online from any browser, device or any Operating System.

We made our Dedicated Servers for this hack and code our project in PHP Programming Language. So that you can get best interface from any device. This method is 100% better than that Script Injecting method of Google Chrome using Grease Monkey or Tamper Money addon in browser.

Preview of BOT Hacking Agar.io Game:

agar.io hack bot preview screenshot

Killer Features of Agar.io BOT Cheats Generator:


This option will improve your speed in the game. So as your cell will move faster you can escape faster from other trying out to eat you. This feature can also eat other food fast.


This is super and number one cheat. It hides your cell from other cells and players. Well it is for 10 minutes only else you can not enjoy the game. However ,you can turn this option OFF also.

Double Size:

This option will double your cells size whenever you want to do it. We always prefer to use this feature when someone trying to eat you.

Zooming Feature:

The MOST Useful function may be use to see small cells around or may provide you better gaming experience. THIS feature have ability to let you eat small cells that you can not see even!

We have ALL-IN-ONE BOT!!!! It is Agar.io Hack Bot as well as Agar.io Cheats Bot BOTH!!!

Preview (After Hack Activated):

agario hacked preview

Zoom and targets are actived in this demo.

How to use Agar.io Hack Bot?

Well simple just follow following steps:

  1. Now login into your Agar.io Game
    you can play agar.io on any device you want.
  2. Choose your NICK/Username
  3. Go to -> NEW VERSION OF HACK <<
  4. Enter your NICK
  5. Choose Game Mode
  6. Select PLATFORM (Desktop/Android/iOS – Any One)
  7. Click CONNECT
  8. After connected select FOLLOWING FEATURES:
    Double Size
    Simple select Yes or No to enable or disable feature in your hack.
  9. Click GENERATE Button
  10. DONE! After few seconds you will see that your device got that features wireless from server!!!!

NOTE: In some cases it may ask you to Verify you are human. It is our server Anti-Spam Security.

HOW can I complete Anti-Spam Security Human Verification:

If your IP marked as SPAM we will ask you for human  verification. Do not worry it’s easy to verify if you are a human. It’s FREE too!

STEPS to complete human verification if asked:

  1. Click on VERIFY button
  2. Choose one offer you like from list
  3. Complete offer with legit information and complete the task.
  4. As you finish task 100%. Hack will immediately accessible for you.

Agar.io Hack Bot Generator ACCESS

hack button
⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑ CLICK NOW ⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑⇑

Well that’s it guys. Hope you enjoyed agar.io hack by BestAgarioHack.com. If you have any problem related this agar.io cheats then fell free to ask us.

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