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Top 5 Best Tips to Win in Agar.io you did not know


I HAVE THE answer to your problems:

To this day the best browser game is something difficult to choose, but certainly agar.io is one of the best options so I bring a top of the best tricks you sure you did not know.

#1. It is Patience
Try to play calm and relaxed, because to get to the list of top acomular need a huge amount of mass. Avoid find yourself in the central areas of the map, since by that area tend to be larger, eat food until you have at least 150 mass start hunting for others and grow.

#2. Stay way from booby green cells
Explosive green cells are your best ally at the beginning of the game, since they allow you to defend yourself against big, as you pursue some gigantic cell, get inside some of the explosive green cells are all over the map if you have low mass . Large always avoid eating these cells because doing so are divided into many pieces which makes them very vulnerable.agar.io background

#3. Do not divide
As you go catching size, try not to split more than 2 cells unless it is to save. Anyone who sees a large group of small cells will be launched for you without thinking for being a pushover.

#4. Search the Corners
As you grow, the corners of the map become your best resource because you hunt greatly facilitate others to hunt them down.

#5. Explosive Feeding Cells
The best trick is to use the W in explosive green cells to go catching size, once they are large enough, they explode in the direction you feed them allowing you to shoot one of these cells to 1 from top to destroy its size and eat very many mass hit.

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